Why Choose Us?

Engineering with passion We're a network of innovators. We devise bold solutions to the most intricate client challenges. It's our ability to explore new technologies to design best-fit solutions that have high recommendation. Performance focus We become your dedicated partner. Which means a project never ends until both we, and you, are 100% happy. With a client satisfaction rate of over 95%, we're considering a key strategic technology parnter.
Dedication to success We drive innovations that help our clients stay ahead of the curve. We care about your immediate needs and your long-term goals. We believe that success is three-fold: for our clients, their customers and the communities they influence.

Our Project Development Process

We follow a pursuit for developing customer-centric products for web and mobile. Our system has the most intelligently Integrated end-to-end development process.

From B2B to B2E, IT provides multiple projects, websites and web apps for top brands, medium-level enterprises, and startups. This is a considerable amount we offer through our integrated, adaptive agile approach. Great things are not achieved by impulse but through a series of processes brought together. Here are the steps we take for our development process.

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Quality Assurance

Develop right the first time ensuring highest quality standards. Independent quality assurance and testing for desktop, web and mobile.

We perform extensive testing throughout the entire development lifecycle and strive to continually decrease any non-conformance in software, apps and websites using product reports as mentioned at each management review.

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Our Services

Our complete spectrum of mobile app development and web solutions help startups, small media enterprises, and organizations to create outcome-focused solutions with enhanced agility that help them to rapidly reshape, renew and build new capabilities for their business. Our differentiated and personalized services arm brands with the right tools, technologies and quality processes so as to maximize the value from IT investments.

Industries We Serve

Empowering businesses across verticals by leveraging the power of mobility that help accelerate innovation, reduce costs and improve performance

  • Education & Training
  • eCommerce, Retail & B2B
  • Healthcare & Fitness
  • Enterprise Mobility
  • Food & Restaurant
  • Real Estate & Property
  • Marketplace App
  • Beauty & Wellness
  • Events & Tickets
  • Transport & Automotive
  • Travel & Hospitality

Project Communication Strategy


Each one of us at DoyenTech believes that communication builds the trust required to form a strong and successful relationship, be it with clients, with partners or among teammates. That said, we create a high-level communication management plan that indicates being able to effectively listen to client's requirements, act on feedback, present the issues and foster harmony on the whole.

Information flow in the Right Direction + Keeping all concerned in the loop = Effective Project Management

  • 01. Project Analysis

    We carefully listen to the client’s project requirements and plan and then move ahead for initial development. We share the project Software Requirements Specification (SRS) with our website development team for detailed analysis, research, fact findings, and design workflow design to understand the requirement and scope of the project.

  • 02. Project Kick Off Meetings

    After the project agreement, kickoff meetings between teams and clients are scheduled to discuss key project deliverables, the procedure to be followed, project scope, time involvement, resource billing and payment procedures. Our Business Analyst Expert will arrange a client meeting with the dedicated Project manager and team members who are going to be involved throughout.

  • 03. Clear, Correct & Concise Information

    From day 1, our team members maintain clarity, conciseness and correctness of the information and conversation they exchange with the client and uphold that among the concerned project teammates, managers and leaders.

  • 04. Single Point of Contact

    To avoid complexities and confusions, we maintain a single point of communication and ensure clear and effective interaction. The data and information are centralized and easily accessed. However, in certain cases, a client can contact any individual team member to handle any specific issues.

  • 05. Multiple Communication Channels

    Communication is key so we practice conversation on multiple channels. We use Email, Messengers, and Phone calls to interact with our national and international clients. We encourage live meetings, video and audio conference calls, instant messaging and emails. Both written and verbal communication methods are used appropriately as and when required.

  • 06. Project Workflow Accessibility

    Once drawn up, we clearly and concisely document the project detail, and make it easily accessible for everyone's reference so that all people involved in the project gain insights in the present state of the project workflow.

  • 07. Privacy & Security

    We understand that project details and client information are extremely sensitive. All team members working at Doyen Technologies Ltd. are bound to keep the information within the office, not breaching any privacy policy contract.

  • 08. Proactive & Upfront

    Project management is not all roses all the time. We also face challenges and issues during the development phase, but our team’s best component is that we immediately inform to the Project Manager and client. We work on finding the solution, without wasting any time in shying away and hiring the problems.

  • 09. Weekly/ Fortnightly Reviews

    We believe that regular review of work is important to maintain the quality. According to client's convenience and project requirement, we schedule meetings on weekly or fortnightly basis.

  • 10. Complete Documentation

    To refer to a conversation discussed two weeks back or so, we always believe in documenting everything. Our documentation process includes procedures, feedbacks, and consolidation of all resources to ensure easy sharing and references. Even the emails and messenger chats are preserved for any future communication.

  • 11. Status Reports

    After each development phase, we send a project status report to the client to share what has been developed and what’s pending and to know the feedback and any changes if required in between.

  • 12. Respect & Flexibility

    We value client’s suggestions, opinions and contributions in the project development and give them the freedom to communicate any changes they think are necessary for the betterment of the overall project.